A project “doesn’t exist” until it enters the work queue. It enters the queue when a deposit (somewhere around 50% of the projected total) is received. PayPal / Credit / Debit payments can be made using the link on the RATE SHEET page. If you’re delivering your files via FTP/OFMS, you will be forwarded to information on uploading files immediately after making your deposit and you can usually start uploading files right away. Checks and money orders are welcome of course, but we do reserve the right to clear them before work is started. Deposits sent ahead of time will ‘reserve’ your spot in the work queue if the session is unattended. A “floating appointment” of sorts. Attended sessions also “don’t exist” until a deposit is received. Speaking of which:


The “pop-pick” of attended sessions has been going towards a “hybrid” of sorts between unattended and attended -- And it works very well. Just like any *unattended* session, the files can be mailed or FTP’d in advance. The big advantages: A lack of “freaky anomalies” -- Files that won’t open, a hard drive that won’t read - Audio issues that can be corrected *before* the session. It’s good to find out before. Plus - Much of the “rough” work can be done in advance of the session - turning a long, and potentially boring session into a much shorter, more efficient one. Add to that the advantage of having rough “test” files a day or two before your session that you can audition on a system that you’re familiar with -- The session simply turns into “tweaking” and authoring (of course, A/B’s of the original source and detailed workflow can be demonstrated at the session if you’re interested). Two, maybe three hours instead of six or eight. It’s a win-win. As it's sort of "in between" the package rate and attended rate, ask for a quote… We'll work something out.


Please read the “Checklist” (linked from the home page). It can be scanned & e-mailed, faxed, mailed - Or simply send an e-mail with the pertinent information. Things tend to go much more smoothly when we’re all on the same page (no pun intended). :-)


Projects can be mailed in to the address on the CONTACT page. -OR- More frequently, digital files can be sent using our Online File Management System (OFMS) which can be accessed by request. Simply create a new account and you will receive a confirmation e-mail automatically (and usually instantly). Once your account is confirmed (again, instantly) you can start uploading files immediately. No need to create folders (although we appreciate when stems are ZIP’d together). You can add as many files as needed in the OFMS, click the upload button and go have a snack. If you’d rather ZIP all your files together, that’s fine as well - but keep in mind that php scripts on the server are subject to a 20-minute time-out -- with exceptionally fast connections, that usually isn’t a problem. WIth many slower cable or DSL connections, individual files are recommended. When the upload is complete, the OFMS will notify us automatically. Your project is then entered into the work queue according to when your deposit was received. Please do not create an OFMS account and upload files before a deposit is sent in - The system is regularly checked against the work queue and your account may be deleted or blocked.

MM_BlueCircle16 TEST FILES:

After your project is processed, we will upload files for your approval. Generally, this will be a ZIP file of high-resolution MP3’s made with the highest quality conversion available (these aren’t the 192kbps “space monkey” sounding files you find on the music web sites). You will be notified via the OFMS when files are ready for audition. Contact us if any ’tweaking’ is necessary. Spacing is the most common issue - An e-mail with “add a second between tracks 3 and 4” or “cut the time between tracks 7 and 8 in half” is perfectly fine. Another ’test batch’ will be uploaded for your approval.


If you’re satisfied with your test files, call or e-mail and let us know. Once the balance is paid in full, your project will be shipped. If you’re paying your balance online, you can simply enter “send it!” or something in the “special instructions” field on the payment page. In the case of FTP/DDP delivery projects,** we will upload the finished files in PCM form (usually 16-bit, 44.1kHz files unless otherwise noted). Those files will stay up on the OFMS for approximately one week before the project is removed from the system.

** If FTP projects are paid in full on receipt of the project, your ‘test/audition’ files will usually be finished PCM data instead of MP3 data. DDP/CUE delivery clients will be supplied with a copy of MASSIVE DDP along with their projects at no additional charge.